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The Stampede Troupe welcomes actors of all levels to audition for our productions. Whether you come from a strong theatre background or have never performed on a stage before, we welcome you to try out. We are always looking for talent. You do not have to be a 'triple threat' (a great singer, dancer, or actor) to be in a Stampede Troupe show. There are often non-singing or non-dancing roles in musicals or times when we need really good dancers that don't need to act - of course, there is no singing or dancing in a play so there is truly a place for everyone!


The Unexpected Guest


March 15-24, 2024

Fridays & Saturdays at 7pm

Saturday & Sundays at 2pm


November 11, 2023

DIRECTOR: Noel Johnston

SHOW TYPE: Murder Mystery

CASTING: 3 women ages (mid 20's to 70's) and 7 males Ages Mid 20's to 70's.

The Unexpected Guest
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