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The Stampede Troupe welcomes actors of all levels to audition for our productions. Whether you come from a strong theatre background or have never performed on a stage before, we welcome you to try out. We are always looking for talent. You do not have to be a 'triple threat' (a great singer, dancer, or actor) to be in a Stampede Troupe show. There are often non-singing or non-dancing roles in musicals or times when we need really good dancers that don't need to act - of course, there is no singing or dancing in a play so there is truly a place for everyone!

See our Auditions Tips page for more information that will help you to be successful! 


The Best Christmas Pageant Ever Directed by Noel Johnston


Weekend of Dec. 10th and 17th 2022



SHOW TYPE: Family production

CASTING INFORMATION: Adults and children

REHEARSAL INFORMATION: Will begin in October after auditions.