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Educational Outreach

Since 2002  the Troupe has been bringing students to special performances only for them during the school days. For many of the students this is the first live production they have ever seen and we hope it is not the last live production they see in their lives and for many the books we give to them is the first book they have ever called theirs. 

We invite the students to participate, as our outreach program is so much more than "just seeing a show". We have developed curriculum to match with the Colorado State Reading Standards for all the education outreach productions we have done. Books are given to them, cast members visit schools. We let the students ask questions following the performance they see. They learn about costumes, instruments, singing, lighting, scenic art.

New doors are opened to them.

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 More than 25,000 students have attended our school shows.

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More 23,000 books given to students.

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Curriculum developed and matched to Colorado State Standards for all shows.




We have put in thousands of hours on our education productions. The letters we receive from students makes it all worth the effort. While we receive hundreds of letters each year from them there is one letter that stands out as to why we believe so much in our education outreach program.

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The Stampede has much to be proud of since we started in 1974 and our educational outreach program is something very special to us. The student productions are kept as inexpensive as possible so the students are able to attend. However, it is with great community support that our outreach program has been as successful as it is. Only with the support of many in our community, the gift to the students of the books is possible.

We invite you to be part of this wonderful program for the students.

1600 students dancing in the audience at a student outreach matinee of Shrek the Musical!

Thanks for helping bring the magic to our children! We will be in touch with you shortly.

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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