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Educational Outreach

"This is kinda late, but I wanted to send you a note and tell you how wonderful this event was and how meaningful it turned out to be. I had originally made reservations for my husband, me and two daughters. On the day of the play, my husband wasn’t feeling so great, so we invited a little boy that Ashley plays with. This little boy (9 years old) is extremely well mannered, well behaved and well-adjusted in spite of the fact that his mother is in jail on drug charges and his father who is taking care of him is unemployed and an alcoholic.

He was very excited just to be going somewhere. He sat, intently; incredibly focused on the lady giving the talk about make-up (my kid was not so focused). As we left that room and made our way to the theater, he was given a book of The Christmas Carol. I heard him tell Ashley not to tear the pages. I asked him why and he told me because we had to give the books back in good condition. I nearly cried at the sight of his face when I told him he got to keep the book. He spent the rest of the day protecting that book. When we got there, he stared in wonder at the theater. I don’t think he has ever seen one.

Everything was incredible to this child. After the play, he got only one autograph – that of Mr. Cratchit. I decided not to ask why he picked that character, but I think he related to him or perhaps he looked at Mr. Cratchit as he would like his father to be. Who knows?

We all enjoyed the play and the tour and the class about makeup. But none of us enjoyed it as much as this little boy. Thank you for putting the event together and giving to a little boy an experience he will never forget. Who knows, he may become a great playwright someday."

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